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Everything you need to know about semi-cured gel nails.

Gel nails

Semi-cured nails strips are a relatively new product on the market, but they've quickly become quite popular. They're basically like press-on nails, but instead of using glue to stick them on, they're actually attached to your natural nail with an adhesive that is activated by uv light. 

These strips are applied to your nails, and then you cure them in an LED light for about 30 seconds. This allows them to set and dry faster than traditional nail polish, but still allows them to be flexible and durable.

This makes them super easy to apply and remove (you can even do it at home!)—and if you don't like how they look or feel, you can just take them off and try again!

Semi-cured nail strips are made up of multiple layers: a base coat that protects the natural nail, an adhesive layer that sticks to the natural nail, and an embellishment layer that adds the final touches. The adhesive layer is designed to be flexible and resistant to chipping or peeling, so even with all their charm and flair, these nail strips will stay on your nails for weeks!

Semi-cured nail strips are easy to apply—just peel off the backing sheet from each individual strip and apply it directly to your own nails! You can use them all at once or spread them out over time—either way, they're sure to make your hands look as fabulous as ever!

When you're done with your manicure, the strips peel off easily and cleanly. The best part about these strips is that they only take about 10 minutes to apply! That's right—you can have a salon-quality mani at home in just 10 minutes! 

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