How to Do Nail Art at Home

how to do nail art at home


Have you ever seen someone with really cool nail art and thought how did they do that nail art at home? There’s a good chance that you can too! There are so many methods out there for creating amazing nail art that’s sure to impress anyone who sees it. Here’s your guide to doing your own nail art at home.  

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Use pre-designed nail polish strips. One of the easiest ways to get a cool manicure with nail art is by using our gel nail polish strips. All you have to do is choose your size, peel off the design, press it down own your nail, trim it to size, and cure it under an LED light. 


This is an easy, no-mess method if you want cute designs on your nails without all the hassle of using tiny brushes and polish. 


Focus on the tips. This look requires a little bit of coordination, but it’s still pretty easy. Start by painting your nails any color you want. Then, take a nail art brush (or just the brush that comes with your nail polish) and swipe a different color along the tips. Finish off with a top coat, and now you’ve got an updated French manicure that’s trendy and cool. 


Use nail stickers. If you still want to use traditional polish for your manicure, you might want to look into using nail art stickers to give your nails a little extra sparkle. You can find stickers shaped like flowers, gems, and pretty much anything else you want for your next manicure. 

If you’re going to use nail stickers, you should start with clean, dry nails or one of our simple styles. Apply the stickers with tweezers, and make sure you smooth them down from the center right to the edge. Then, apply a topcoat to seal the design and make sure it lasts as long as possible. Our glass topcoat is perfect. 


Play with stripes. All you need to accomplish this look is a thin paintbrush or a nail art brush. Start out with a base coat of whatever color you want. Then, take a thin brush and dip it in a different color. Use this brush to apply stripes on your nails in whatever pattern you’re going for. 

Some people prefer the look of one line right down the middle, and some like the look of lots of small pinstripes. Check out our Klimt Kiss gel nail polish strips for inspiration! Choose whichever pattern you think you’ll like the most, apply the design, and seal it with a top coat. 


Paint each nail a different color. This is an easy and trendy way to step into the world of nail art and designs. Pick a color family (i.e. blues or reds) and paint each nail a different shade of that color. You can go from light to dark, or you can mix them up entirely. 


Check out our Galileo gel nail polish strips for inspo! 


Experiment with dots. You don’t even need special tools to dot your nails! All you need is a toothpick. Paint your nails and then dab on dots of different colors using a toothpick. You can apply the dots in a pattern, or you can just let them flow. 


Our Mod Beauty gel nail polish strips are great examples of what you can accomplish when you incorporate dots into your manicure. 

Add a glitter top coat or design. Adding a little glitter to the mix is a great way to upgrade your manicure and experiment with nail art. You can use a glitter polish to cover each nail with a shiny coat, or you can use thinner brushes to apply dots or stripes with the glitter polish. 


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