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Unleash Your Personal Style with Our Exclusive Art Connoisseur's Collection


      Solid Color Nail Polish Strips

      There’s nothing as timeless and chic as solid color nails. Whether you’re looking for the perfect everyday color or want to mix it up with a bold new style, find your new look in the Essentials collection of solid color nail polish strips!

      Key Features

      • Semi-cured formulation for better durability and fit
      • Especially designed to elongate your hands
      • Small batch production to ensure highest level of quality
      • 12 size options for better fit
      • 30 strips for up to two applications
      • Lasts up to 14 days
      • Mirror salon finish

      What’s Your Style?

      With so many solid color nails to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look for any occasion. Explore our curated collection of solids to match any style or mood!

      • Timeless Beauty. There’s nothing more classic than flawlessly manicured, luscious red nails. If you’re a vintage-loving romantic with a timeless sense of taste, Scarlet is for you.
      • Glitz & Glam. Are you a showstopping diva looking for a bold new look? Inspired by champagne evenings, our Bubbly gold glitter nail polish strips are the ultimate luxury. Or, try our Sugar rose gold nails for a sophisticated, on-trend style with a glittery finish.
      • Soft & Sweet. Can’t get enough pink? Ballet Slippers offers a barely-there blush color that’s oh-so feminine and sweet. For something just a touch darker, don’t miss our Organza pink press on nails.
      • Modern Chic. There’s something so daring about wearing white—subtle but loud, fresh but fierce, simple yet refined. Detox solid white nails are essential urban chic.
      • Dark & Stormy. Edgy, vampy, and soon to be a cult-favorite, our Obsidian black press on nails are a delicious licorice shade that can be mixed and matched or worn by itself with literally anything.
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      Artist Bio

      Born and raised in New Mexico also known as the land of enchantment,  Peyton Le was always captivated by the vibrancy and complexity of the world around her. Drawing inspiration from the chaos and confusion of modern life, Peyton blends elements of pop surrealism and impressionism to create whimsical yet thought-provoking works of art. ​ With a keen eye for color and composition, Peyton uses bright hues and playful imagery to explore themes of disorientation, loss of control, instability, and hope. The resulting works are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, inviting viewers to confront the dark and light aspects of the human experience. ​ Working primarily in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and digital painting , Peyton brings a unique blend of skill and creativity to her craft. As a self-taught artist (creative resources , she has honed her techniques through years of experimentation and exploration, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with each new work. ​ Currently residing in Washington, Peyton continues to draw inspiration from the world around her, infusing her art with a sense of curiosity and wonder. 


      Your Space with Uniuqe Art Work

      The Art Connoisseur's Collection features high-quality, limited-edition prints on archival-grade paper, ensuring lasting vibrancy and color accuracy. Experience the perfect fusion of art and luxury as you adorn your walls with these mesmerizing pieces, designed to resonate with your unique aesthetic and taste.