Most Popular Nail Color Trends of 2021

Here at Smitten Tips, we know nail polish colors are just like any other fashion trend. Each year, a few colors stand out and become more popular than the others. How can you choose a nail polish color, and how do you know which nail polish colors are trending right now? Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the most popular nail color trends of 2021

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Classic reds. A nice, classic red never goes out of style. Reds are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. Classic red nails go with almost anything, and there are so many great red nail polish options out there. We suggest checking out our Scarlet press-on nail polish strips if you want to stay trendy and have a hassle-free manicure experience. 

Mattes. Adding a matte topcoat to pretty much any color makes it on-trend this year. Mattes are just so classic, and they look amazing on everyone. Grab a set of our press-on gel polish strips and add our Matte Top Coat for a trendy look that’ll turn heads. Want to really impress your friends? Try adding a matte topcoat to just one finger for a killer accent nail. 

Glittery neutrals. Glitter is here to stay, and we are so excited! Glittery neutrals are super popular this year. Want to try out the trend? Check out our Bubbly press-on gel polish strips. These shimmery gold press-on nails will make you stand out as a trendsetter in any crowd. 

Warm browns. It might sound a little odd, but warm browns are some of the most popular nail polish colors of 2021. That’s good news for nail polish wearers, since warm browns are very versatile and work with almost any skin color or tone. 

Try something new and paint every nail a different shade of warm brown. You’ll end up with a manicure that looks great and makes you feel trendier than ever before. 

Klimt Kiss features some warmer browns/yellows and are likened to the muse in Klimt’s iconic ‘The Kiss’ painting. Shop here. 

Warm yellows. We’re still sticking with the warm tones, but let’s venture into yellow territory. Warm yellow nails might be a little intimidating for beginners. They’re right on-trend for 2021 though, so we think you should give yellow nails a try. 

Did you know that one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2021 is Illuminating, a gorgeous warm-toned yellow? Warm yellows tend to work best for wearers whose skin has warm undertones, but they really can look amazing with any skin color or tone. 




Sheer pinks. Sometimes, you want to look like you aren’t really wearing nail polish at all. Sheer pinks are very on-trend for 2021, and they’re perfect for giving you that understated and classy look. Try out our Light Pink press-on gel polish strips if you want to give this trend a go, and let us know what you think of the results! 

Soft pinks. Sheer pinks are popular this year, but soft pinks might be even more popular. They are so versatile— they work with almost any skin tone and outfit choice. Ready to venture into the world of soft pink nails? We suggest giving our Organza press-on nails a try.  

Cool grays. Cool grays are a new favorite amongst manicure-enthusiasts this year. Remember when we talked about Pantone’s Colors of the Year earlier? Ultimate Gray, a smooth, cool-toned gray, is one of the colors for 2021! These flattering neutrals look great on everyone, and they’re perfect for every season. 

Just like with the warm browns, we think a fresh manicure with a different shade of cool gray on each finger would look amazingly trendy and fashion-forward. Gallileo is the perfect fit for this look. 


Looking for something a little more eye-catching? Our Aurora press-on gel polish strips will give your nails the same trendy sheer look with just a bit more color. 

Gold metallics. Metallics, especially gold metallics, are crowd favorites in the nail community this year. You can either go with a true metallic polish or add a metallic topcoat to your favorite polish and you’ll be all set. Gold metallics are great for creating cool accent nails! You can also use them to revamp a classic French manicure. 

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