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      Prep and protect your nails with our non-toxic, cruelty free nail care products. We offer everything you need to get a flawless home manicure in just a few minutes.

      Show Your Nails Some Love

      Keeping your natural nails healthy and strong can help to make your press on nails last longer while ensuring your nails look great when unadorned. Plus, giving your nails a little TLC can be a nice way to relax and take care of yourself! Here are some quick tips to help you care for your nails:

      • Moisturize. Just like your skin, your nails need moisture to look and feel their best. If your nails feel a little dry or brittle, hydration might be just what they need. Smitten Remove & Hydrate gently clears away nail stickers and leaves behind nails that feel restored and moisturized.
      • Protect. A high-quality base coat can protect your nails when using nail strips. The base coat provides a smooth, protective barrier between the adhesive and your natural nails, helping your nails to last longer while preventing discoloration. Enriched with nourishing vitamins and minerals, Smitten Prep & Protect Nail Base Coat nurtures your nails and cuticles, strengthens weak and brittle tips, and promotes healthy growth.
      • Seal. If you want to ensure your polish looks flawless for as long as possible, be sure to use a top coat. Top coats seal the polish, creating a smooth look while protecting your manicure from chipping and peeling. At Smitten, we offer both a Matte Top Coat and a Gel Top Coat, so you can choose your favorite style.
      • Mind Your Cuticles. Your cuticles are so important to your nail health and strength. You might be tempted to cut or trim your cuticles, but that can actually damage your nails and prevent new growth. Instead of cutting them, consider pushing them back gently with a wooden stick or cuticle pusher as needed.
      • Use Non-Toxic Products. It’s important to be mindful of the products you use in your beauty routine. At Smitten Tips, all of our products are guaranteed non-toxic and cruelty-free—so you can look great and feel great too!