How to Apply Nail Polish Strips





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What Are Nail Polish Strips?

Made with non-toxic gel polish, Smitten Tips uses a semi-cured formulation for stunning at-home manicures that last up to 14 days. Plus, with 12 size options, our strips ensure the best fit for any nail shape.

Our colors are always analyzed to complement a wide range of skin tones, you can be confident that all of our designs will look incredible on you!

How to Apply Nail Polish Strips

Like most press on nails, applying nail polish strips is quick and easy. Here are four simple steps to get the perfect manicure with Smitten Tips:

1. Prep

Remove any oils or lotions from your hands with soap and water, and dry off any moisture. Smitten Tips offer Nail Prep Wipes featuring 70% isopropyl alcohol to make this step super easy!

2. Press

Select a size that best fits your finger. Remove protective film. Peel one gel from the sheet, then line up to your cuticle and press.


Sizing Tip: We recommend selecting a smaller size if you are in between sizes. You can lightly stretch the strip to ensure the perfect fit!

Placement Tip: Leave some room between your cuticle and the sticker. The sticker will lift if placed on the skin or the cuticle.

Pressing Tip: Use your finger or a bamboo manicure stick to press the strip on your nail and smooth it out. Start along the edges of your nail, then work your way in.

3. Trim

Trim, remove excess material from the strip, fold over, and file at a 90-degree angle for a clean and finished look. Tip: use nail trimmer for easier removal.

4. Cure

Cure 2- 3 times until the strips feel hard. Please note that over-curing may cause early chipping, cracking, and lifting. Pro nail lamps may also warp the strip use with care. For better results use the Smitten UV Gel Lamp (9W).

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There you have it! It’s so easy to get the perfect manicure at home in minutes. All that’s left is to show off your new nails and enjoy!


More Great Tips!

How to Remove Nail Polish Strips

Removal is safe, quick, and easy. After soaking your nails in soapy water for 15 minutes, they will loosen naturally. You won’t have to worry about your natural nails damaging or drying out. So, you can look forward to keeping your natural nails while still rocking the perfect manicure.

Are They Safe For Your Natural Nails?

Yes! Our nail polish strips are free of toxins—so say goodbye to damaged nails that salon acrylics can cause. Our strips are not only gentle on your nails, but they also perfectly hug your nail’s curves to create a lovely finish.

How Long Do They Last?

Smitten Tips nail strips can last up to two weeks depending on how you maintain them. However, the best part about nail polish strips is how easy it is to change up your look! If you love to keep up with the trends, polish strips are for you. Whether you want flashy nails for that concert you’re going to or lasting beach vacay nails, polish strips make it easy to change up your look whenever you want!

How to Make Nail Polish Strips Last Longer

Now that you have the perfect manicure, you want to make sure it lasts. Here are some tips to help ensure a lasting manicure:

Clean. Make sure your natural nails are completely clean from dirt or oil before you apply nail strips. Start by washing your hands with soap and warm water. Be sure to get under your fingernails as well. Then use an alcohol wipe. Finally, dry off any moisture to create a nice clean canvas.

Apply firmly. When applying, be sure to firmly press down around all the edges. This will ensure that the nail strip is tight against your natural nail, preventing any loose gaps.

Choose the right shape. It’s important to choose the right shape. With Smitten Tips nail polish strips, we suggest choosing a slightly smaller size that can be lightly stretched for the perfect fit, ensuring no unnecessary excess. You want the strips to be relatively tight, since they will have the most contact with things you touch.

Avoid soaking in water. Submerging your nails in warm water will cause your nail polish strips to lift. After all, they are designed to be removed in warm water. So, if you want your strips to last longer, be sure to avoid placing your nails in a bath or hot tub!

Apply a top coat. Adding a top coat to your nail strips can create a beautiful finish while providing an additional layer of protection. At Smitten Tips, we offer a Gel Top Coat and a Matte Top Coat, so you can get your favorite look.