Invisible Struggle: A Personal Journey Through Mental Illness

Invisible Struggle: A Personal Journey Through Mental Illness

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Invisible Struggle: A Personal Journey Through Mental Illness

"Invisible Struggle" is an intimately personal artwork by an artist grappling with mental illness. Raised in a home where mental illness was unrecognized and misunderstood, the artist experienced isolation and loneliness.

The woman depicted in the painting represents the artist and others lacking support or comprehension from their families and communities. Her blank expression communicates the emptiness and detachment often accompanying depression and anxiety.

The piece strives to stimulate conversations and foster greater understanding and empathy for those contending with mental illness.

Limited Series Printed Hot Press Fine Art (Textured) Paper

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Material: Hot Press Archival Fine Art Paper

Limited-edition prints

Artist: Peyton Le


Transform your space with our exclusive Designer Artwork Prints Collection, a stunning fusion of artistic flair and luxury. Each print showcases the exceptional talent of our  in-house designer.


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the fact that the owner hand painted her own designs was what drew me to try these, definitely no regrets at all. Sizing was perfect which made it so easy to put on, and love that it’s a family own business. Will definitely order more once I’m done with this set. I’ve been getting so many compliments from my friends and they all thought I got it at a professional nail salon 🤗👏


THE ANSWER for those allergic to nail salon gel

Severs years ago, I had to stop getting gel polish as well as dipping powder gel nails. I would scratch my cuticles constantly. These semi-cured nail strips are high quality, and the remover cause NO ISSUES for me (thanks for the video tip using the disposable dental flosser to aid removing the tips! 😃). Only critique would be I would like an expanded solid color bar. I’m in my late 50’s and think solid polish is more age-appropriate for me. But I LOVE the Ballet Slipper color.


My favorite, great design and quality

I’ve tried a few brands of gel nail stickers and so far these are my favorite! Absolutely love this design and they were so easy to use. Very flexible which I haven’t found to be the case with some brands and they seem to adhere very well. These worked great for me and hoping to see more styles available.


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